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People are more into buying things online nowadays. That said, companies are more looking into buying tamper security bags that help secure the package content. Tamper security bags ensure that the product inside the packaging reaches safely to the respective consumer. The trend of online shopping has surged recently, and the growth was possible because of the increased faith of consumers in brands. 

However, consumers often have one of the questions about product packaging in their minds. Will the package be fine, how will the product arrive, will the bag be secured enough for the product, and several similar questions. The packaging gives the first impression when it reaches its destination. Hence, secured packaging is critical, and eCommerce companies should consider secured bags for maximum security. 

If you are sending products to your consumers through courier and are required to pack them, you need to make sure you source them from manufacturers. Please find some of the best manufacturers mentioned in our list. 

Securement Packaging Private Limited

Year Founded: 2012

Location: Ahmedabad, India

Industry: Manufacturing

Securement packaging company logo

Source: Securement packaging company

Securement packaging company has extensive experience in the industry and is catering to a large consumer base with its quality products. It manufactures and exports a wide array of courier bags, tamper safety bags, and several such products to make packaging and transport easy for eCommerce companies. They provide a vast range of quality products to their clients located across the world. 

The company has a large manufacturing unit where it produces an ample amount of products to meet the increasing demands of its consumers. They aim to utilise the latest technology and make their manufacturing as efficient as possible. 

Products & Services Offered:

  • Courier and security envelopes. 
  • Bubble and mailbags.
  • Tamper evident security bags. 
  • POD envelope bags. 

Phoenix Holotec 

Year Founded: 2008

Location: Bengaluru, India

Industry: Manufacturing and Exporting

Certifications: TUV-SUD Certified, ISO-9001 2008 

Phoenix Holotech logo

Source: Phoenix Holotech

Phoenix Holotech is one of the leading producers of tamper security and other courier bags to make products easy for businesses. They are recognized as the market leaders for producing holographic and hologram packaging products globally. The company is into manufacturing a wide range of products using quality materials. 

They also cater to all the orders received, irrespective of the volume and specifications demanded by their consumers. The company has a network of offices in major cities of India, making it possible for them to cater to clients from different locations. 

Products & Services Offered:

  • Security seals, labels, and envelopes. 
  • Tamper evident seals, envelopes, bags, and labels. 
  • Hologram seals. 
  • Holographic labels and tapes. 

Vedang Polyflex LLP

Year Founded: 2015

Location: Ahmedabad, India

Industry: Manufacturing 

Vedang Polyflex logo

Source: Vedang Polyflex

Vedang Polyflex is one of the leading producers of quality eCommerce packaging, courier bags to several parts of the world. It is a partnership firm that produces and exports a wide range of quality bags and envelopes as per industry standards. For several years now, the company has been manufacturing and serving eCommerce companies with its quality bags for product delivery. 

The company aims to innovate the field of flexible packaging by providing highly flexible packaging options to the companies. It aims to become one of the market’s prominent players and wants to provide packaging products at the best possible rates. It strives hard to provide valuable goods and ensure the security of goods. 

Products & Services Offered:

  • Courier bags with POD jackets. 
  • Tamper evident security bags. 
  • Courier and other similar eCommerce packaging bags. 
  • LDPE Business Envelopes. 

How to Source the Finest Tamper Evident Security Bag Supplies From China?

Shosky Logo

Source: Shosky

Shosky is your one-stop solution for standard and custom tamper evident strips, bags, and material that deliver great performance regardless of the customer’s requirements. Tamper evident bags are simple to use and offer clear proof of tampering based on ambient temperature.

Products & Services Offered:

  • Tamper evident bags
  • Ultra destructible labels
  • Security bag tapes
  • Security tapes
  • Security labels

Things to Consider When Buying Tamper Evident Security Bags

You need to consider a few things before you invest in buying superior quality tamper-evident bags. If you choose a brand that doesn’t supply quality products, dealing with such a supplier is of no use. Moreover, when dealing with companies located in another country or city, you cannot straightaway visit the supplier to check the quality of products. 

We list a few factors below:

  • The security bags should be opaque so that light doesn’t reflect the material. This will help ensure that the content of the package is not visible no matter how hard one tries. 
  • The tamper-evident security bag should be at least 75 microns thick or above. 
  • Several different types of closure options are available when it comes to tamper-proof bags. You can choose from twin side seal bags, lip to lip closure bags, peel and seal adhesive closure, side closure bags, etc. 
  • The material used to manufacture the courier bags should be water and moisture-resistant to protect the product from water and other elements that the parcel may come in contact with during transit. 
  • The security bags should also have a sequential barcoding feature or the feature of serial numbering to make the identification of parcels easy. Both receiver and sender track the serial numbers. 
  • Not all consumers are familiar with using tamper-evident security bags, and hence you should choose bags with usage instructions printed on them. This will help prevent the bags from getting damaged when unpacked. 

The decision of buying tamper-evident security bags is a good one since you get completely secure, high-quality courier bags that have security tapes in them for high-level security of the parcel. If the manufacturer’s product chosen by you passed the items of the above checklist, you know that they are the right choice for you. 


When it comes to buying tamper-evident security bags, it is the key task for eCommerce businesses to find the best supplier for them. With many supplier options available on the internet, it is easy to get confused about picking a leading supplier. We have made the process easy for you by listing the best options to choose from. Build trust in your consumers by sending them couriers and other products in quality security bags. 

If you need further assistance, we are here to help. Shosky is one of the top manufacturers of security tapes in China. Contact us today and we’ll gladly assist you with your security bag needs!

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