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security packaging tape on a cardboard box

Besides the purpose to safeguard the goods, Packaging is now viewed as an aesthetic element that impacts customer purchasing patterns which will also bring differences to the business.

If you are looking for some latest packaging and packaging security ideas that will improve the aesthetics of your items, along with providing them with the much-needed safety too, check out the below 14 packaging trends.

1. Sustainability

Sustainable Packaging

Source: Unsplash

Lifestyle modifications and brand preferences are expressing people’s worries about sustainability. Consumers have reduced their consumption of single-use plastic. Brands with ecologically friendly principles or practices have been picked by citizens.  Because packaging is such an important part of a brand’s image, companies who want to engage with their clients’ beliefs are converting to sustainable packaging.

What does this imply in terms of application?

  • Recyclable designs
  • Less is more when it comes to plastic substitutes.
  • Compostable and biodegradable

2. Barcodes with QR codes

QR code on white label

Source: Shosky

Using a QR code on packages to provide more information is a great and effective method to do it. It’s the ideal platform for creative packaging.

The key benefit of using the barcodes with QR codes is that all the essential information can just be accessed using a scanner. Thus, your packaging will appear clean and elegant.

3. Minimalist design

Minimalist Packaging

Source: Pinterest

Simplicity is always in vogue. The minimalist trend is ageless and contemporary at the same time since it is streamlined, beautiful, and aesthetically basic.

Bold lettering on a white backdrop, a splash of color on a light backdrop, a simple collection of basic forms, and so on.

4. Be Bold

hologram label

Source: Shosky Hologram Destructible Labels

Color is just one of many factors that go into a well-designed parcel. Colors elicit sentiments and influence customer purchasing decisions.

Make sure the color you choose reflects the personality of your company, and don’t be hesitant to be bold.

5. Security Tapes for Full Transfers

total transfer void tape on a chanel paper bag

When someone tries to remove a security tape with full transfer, it leaves a visible VOID statement, making it ideal for boxes, containers, and another throwaway packaging. 

Porous 150mm self-wound security tape with a silica coating on the surface for use as a distinct seal. The design on the tape’s cover is one-of-a-kind; once removed, it leaves a custom-lasting residue on both edges of the tape.

6. No Transfer Security Tapes 

hologram no transfer packaging tape

No transfer security tapes are extremely important. By peeling this adhesive, no residue is created on the contact surface. Instead, a secret message will be left behind if the tape is breached. 

Since its inception in 2006, Shosky’s manufacturing plant and its no transfer security taps have played an important role. Their facility is strategically placed and has the newest automated production technology and expansive industrial capacity, making them the industry leader. Their security tapes leave no trace and are appropriate for use on delicate surfaces.

Security tapes feature visible bespoke printing on the top, and when the adhesive is removed, the words “VOID OPEN” display as a warning. These can also be created to order. When the complete transfer tamper-resistant tape is removed, it self-destructs and shows a concealed void message.

7. Emotional Investing

Emotional Packaging

Source: Pinterest

Customers are looking for more than simply a product. They desire to be a part of something bigger than themselves. When it comes to brand decisions, people are more influenced by emotions than by facts. Positive feelings are leading the way in emotional impact. Packages that are more emotionally relatable for customers are a striking trend, many brands are already working with artists to create prints that can evoke certain feelings and emotions in customers.

8. Tamper Evident Bags

tamper evident delivery bags

Tamper evident refers to a product or procedure that uses seals, marks, or other resistant measures to safeguard an object.

The goal of these characteristics is to safeguard the contents’ purity while also ensuring that the customer or end-user obtains the baggage in its original state. Many tamper-evident packages are made to disclose whether they have been opened inadvertently so that immediate action may be done.

9. Intricately detailed illustrations that explain what’s within

Package with prints

Source: Pinterest

Patterns and drawings may be used for so much more than decoration. Customers want the packaging to include a lot of detailed patterns and little pictures, and they expect it to achieve one thing: give you a hint as to what’s underneath.

These pictures are frequently simplified or conceptual, giving you a more creative representation of what’s inside the box rather than a literal view of the goods. Instead of a picture of genuine tortilla chips, for example, design the bags with a triangular pattern that looks like tortilla chips.

10. Tamper Evident Labels

tamper-evident label on a lenovo paper box

A tamper-evident label/sticker or seal has markers or regulatory hurdles that, if violated or lacking, can possibly be expected to provide visual signs to consumers that fiddling has happened. To safeguard against illegal opening and imitation, they provide irrevocable and visual proof of tampering.

11. Transparent Packaging & Labeling

Clear Packaging

Source: Pinterest

People are aware of what they consume. Though packaging provides basic information, deciphering the tiny print can be difficult. To list the components of an item, companies are using transparent wrapping and clear labeling. Just like some tamper-evident solutions, clear packaging also gains customers’ trust.

12. Better portability

Portable Packaging

Source: Pinterest

The majority of customers live an “on-the-go” lifestyle. This implies they’re always on the lookout for food that’s simpler to grip, hold, eat, or transport. To fulfill this need, packaging manufacturers are putting in extra incentives to make it portable. 

McDonald’s, for example, introduced the McBike package, which is aimed specifically towards bikers. Food may be carried in a folding case attached to the handlebar using this pack.

13. Customization

Customized Package

Source: Pinterest

Personalization has long been an important aspect of packaging and is now one of the most popular trends. Millennials and Generation Z want customized products. Consider Coca-Cola, for instance. Unique gift purchases on the beverage giant’s online store saw a significant increase in sales when the company successfully debuted bottles emblazoned with names.

14. Color Gradients

Gradient Packaging

Source: Pinterest

Gradients are becoming increasingly popular in a variety of design fields. Gradients give depth and intricacy to any design, whether it’s the symbol or the packaging. Gradients may draw attention to items on the shelf, opposing minimalism or antique packaging that employs solid or muted colors.


Until recently, packaging was regarded as a small component of a product’s marketing mix. However, it has now become an important component of the offering. As a result, some trends must be considered before selecting the right package and appropriate packaging security solutions.

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