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BOPP Adhesive Packaging Tape

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BOPP stands for Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene. These tapes are among the widely used tapes in the shopping industry for packaging parcels and other goods. Also, inventory management industries are employing this tape for adequate results. Packaging industries are using this particular tape for their secured and strong seals, along with their characteristic of resistance to extreme temperatures. 

The BOPP film is stretched and a thermoplastic polymer which means that it is malleable at certain temperatures. However, the tape returns to its solid form when the temperature cools down. The film is employed for several applications in the packaging industry. That said, such tapes are usually found on any package, including snack packets, soft drink labels, etc. 

Because of their easy application method and stronghold on the products, they make it an ideal choice for packaging. Also, the tape ensures that your package stays safe and sealed even during transit. That said, if you are looking for some quality BOPP manufacturers for your packaging business, we have got your needs covered. 

Spark Tapes and Adhesives

Year Founded: 2014

Location: Hyderabad, India

Industry: Manufacturing and Exporting

Spark tapes and adhesives logo

Source: Spark Tapes and Adhesives

The company has been into manufacturing and exporting BOPP, packaging tape, custom printed tapes and several similar products to cater to the specific needs of the packaging industry. The products manufactured by this company are all popular because of their utmost quality. They have been manufacturing packaging and BOPP tapes for several years now and meet industry standards. 

The product range is manufactured using supreme quality raw materials sourced from reputed vendors. The tapes are all available in several different sizes, shapes and dimensions for people to choose from. 

Some Products Offered: 

  • Packaging tapes. 
  • Advertising and offering tapes. 
  • Printed tape roll. 
  • Plain tapes. 
  • BOPP jumbo rolls. 

Akshaya Enterprises Pvt Ltd

Year Founded: 2011

Location: Chennai, India

Industry: Manufacturer and Exporter

Source: Akshaya Enterprises

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Akshaya Enterprises is one of the leading producers of packaging and BOPP tapes in the industry and offers its consumers a wide range of products. The products they offer include adhesive tapes, shrink films, pp straps, safety shoes and much more. They ensure timely delivery of products and at the same time ensure quality. The company ensures that the products are packed adequately to stay safe in transit. 

They are one of the best companies and are the topmost choice of their prestigious clients. Also, they employ the latest technology in machinery and techniques to manufacture products. 

Some Products Offered: 

  • Shrink Films. 
  • PP Straps. 
  • Stretch Films. 
  • EPE Foam Sheets. 
  • Adhesive Tapes. 
  • BOPP films. 

Shree Jee Industries

Year Founded: 2014

Location: New Delhi, India

Industry: Manufacturing and Exporting

Certifications: ISO 9001:2008

Shree jee industries logo

Source: Shree Jee Industries

The company has been serving the packaging industry with its quality products for several years now and has a complete range of tapes to choose from. They are a leading producer of packaging tapes and use quality raw materials to serve their consumers with superior quality finished products. 

They employ a modernised infrastructure facility with the latest tools and machinery to ensure quality. The company ensures that the operations are efficient and carried out smoothly by various departments. 

Some Products Offered: 

  • Coloured Tape.
  • Carton Sealing Tape. 
  • Printed Tapes. 
  • BOPP Rolls. 
  • Cotton and PVC Tapes. 

How to Source the Finest BOPP Adhesive Packaging Tape Supplies From China?

Shosky Logo

Source: Shosky

Shosky is one of the leading manufacturers that provides packaging and tape solutions to companies involved in the industry. It provides customised products to suit various and specific needs of the consumers. Also, their products are all tamper-evident and therefore fit the varied needs of the businesses and individuals. With years of experience in the industry, the company has built a great reputation and serves people with quality solutions on a global scale. 

The company is focused not only on innovating products but also on serving its customers with quality services and support.   

Some Products Offered: 

Things to Consider When Buying BOPP Adhesive Packaging Tapes

When you need to buy a BOPP tape, there are a few things that you should consider to make sure that you make an adequate choice. 

  • Quality: You should first consider the importance of using BOPP tape. Since this tape is crucial and is applied in packages that are being sent from one place to another, you should ensure that the quality is good. That said, choose suppliers who manufacture top-notch quality products. The tape should showcase longevity and strength, making you feel that it is the right choice for your application. 
  • Grade: The tapes should be categorised into different grades, including adhesive thickness and different kinds of films. Tapes with different grades showcase a great holding power and tensile strength range. When packing things, you should consider the size of the carton, its weight, production conditions, etc., to choose the right one. 
  • Substrate: Successful application of the BOPP tape depends on its substrate too. That said, you should consider the kind of carton that you will need to pack the things and on which you will use such tapes. This will help you make sure that the performance of the tape is the right choice for your carton. 


The BOPP tapes are available in different kinds and appearances for people to choose from. That said, there are three colours available, can be customised or transparent is also available as per the specific needs. Each type has its specific use, and you need to make an adequate choice. Sealing cartons and other packaging are major applications where BOPP tape is used. 

Logistics and packaging industries use BOPP tapes since they are the best choice for heavy-duty sealing. There are several manufacturers available worldwide, and you can choose from the top choice available. Shosky is a reliable tamper evident solution provider located in China. Contact us today if you need further assistance with your BOPP tape needs and other 

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