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In these tough times of global pandemic, online selling and purchasing of products kept the economy fueled. They worked as the moving wheels of the production chain and helped customers to purchase products. In a nutshell, this is what kept our economy moving. 

One of the most important steps in online selling is the packaging of items. The prime purpose of packaging is to ensure the safety of the product so that it reaches in an intact manner to the customer. One simple method of ensuring packaging safety is by using tamper-evident tape and security seal tape in packaging. These make sure that the package has not been opened by any unauthorized person or agency and guarantees complete satisfaction to buyers. 

We have carefully created this blog to describe how you can ensure packaging safety at three levels of shipping: before, during, and after shipping of products.

Before Shipping

Corrugated Boxes

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This is the initial stage of packaging. This is the base of your entire packaging process hence; you need to be careful. Arrange all the boxes and security packaging tape beforehand. They need to be of superior quality since your package will go through the entire logistics cycle and this will be the outermost layer of protection. Thus, it needs to be durable and reliable. 

Next, you need the following things for ensuring the safety of the package:

  • Bubble Wrap and Foam
Roll of Bubble Sheet

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Once you have arranged the boxes, now is the time to wrap the product to make the innermost covering. For this, you can choose between bubble wrap or foam. Both have their qualities.

In the case of bubble wrap, the small air-filled bubbles ensure safety and protection against the knocking and bumping of your package. 

It is a convenient method of packaging delicate and fragile items. Bubble wrap can be used to pack a product of any shape and then securing it with a safety seal tape.  

Foams are also used to provide cushioning to objects but they are comparatively thinner than bubble wrap. This allows more items to be packed within the same box. Foam is versatile and recyclable too. It is best suited for electronics.

You can decide between the two depending on your interests. Both of them are good for the safe transportation of products.

  • Tamper-proof Tape
tamper proof tape for cardboard box

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The next step in this series is securing these bubble wrap or foam in place for which, tamper-proof packing tape is the best choice. This builds consumer confidence that the product is not meddled with. 

Using tamper-proof tapes will make it easier to detect if anyone has tried to open them. There are several kinds of tamper-proof tapes available like void tape, partial transfer tapes, total transfer tapes, hologram no residue void tape, and even custom printed tapes.

  • Tamper Proof Label


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Labeling is an important step. It makes customers aware of all the details and important information. The use of tamper resistant labels ensures additional safety. 

They help in detecting any adulteration or interference with the product. 

Tamper-proof labeling also gives authentication about the company and prevents counterfeiting. These labels come with barcodes which when scanned provide the necessary information and in this way, transparency is maintained between buyers and sellers. These labels play a crucial role in the food packaging industry. 

You can choose among full transfer security labels, non-partial security labels, or partial transfer security labels according to your interests. 

  • Tamper Evident Bag
tamper evident bag

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These bags ensure utmost safety when it comes to packaging. They make sure that the product reaching the buyer is not meddled or intervened in between the logistic cycle. It is easier to detect if anyone has tried to open it because these bags are not resealable which is the biggest advantage.

These tamper evident security bags come in various shapes and sizes. You even have the option of customizing them to your needs with personalized specifications. 

The other advantage of using these tamper-evident bags is they are oil, and waterproof which means you do not have to worry about the quality of the products inside these bags. These bags play an important role in not only keeping the products safe but also maintaining their quality.

During Shipping: Find A Reliable Partner


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You have packed all the products in the suggested manner with the help of all tamper-resistant seals, labels, and bags. What is next? Once you are completed with the packaging at your end, it is time to move to the next stage of shipping these products. 

One problem that arises here, is what if the product security is not ensured during the shipping procedure despite all your efforts? Don’t get disheartened and hopeless thinking that. The simplest thing is to locate a reliable partner for carrying out the entire procedure.

Firstly, be careful while choosing temper packaging solutions like tamper safe tape, seals, and labels. Select a company that is synonymous with high-quality temper products. 

Next, try to go for a logistic company which holds experience in this field. Don’t forget to check their customer feedback as they are crucial in judging the reliability and consistency of the company. Always hold prior discussions about everything. Discuss various niches of the shipping procedure. A tracking link should be provided to you so that you are aware of where the product is. Collect all the important contact numbers so that you have all the necessary information.

After Shipping: Ask for Feedback from Buyers

Paper Plane Carrying Feedbacks

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The success of the entire packaging, as well as shipping procedure, depends on the feedback from the valuable customers. This is the final step of your online selling process. Customer feedback decides whether you were able to ensure high security and safety levels while packaging or not.

The use of tamper-evident labels, seals, and bags is guaranteed to provide the safest delivery of your products, but the success of using this method is based on customer feedback. Ask your customer about the tamper-proof packaging methods used by you, was the tamper intact, how did they like it, did they appreciate this kind of packaging and others. Their opinions play an important role in improving things if there is something which they did not like. 

Asking for feedback makes the customer feel important, connected, and involved with your company or organization. Always remember that this feedback builds your image in the market and contributes to your gains and losses. The rapport between the two parties is crucial for ensuring accountability, reliability, and responsibility towards each other. 


Ensuring packaging safety is a prime concern for all online selling platforms. Everyone wants to serve the best to their customers. Hence, we have tried to provide you with all the mandatory information in this blog. Each step involved in the packaging of products has been explained. 

The emphasis has been given to tamper-evident packaging since it is the best way to ensure that the packaging is not tampered with or interfered with by any unauthorized access. 

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