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Tamper evident bags are those which make it easy to detect if the bag has been accessed by an unauthorized party or not. These ensure utmost security and are reliable, durable, and easy to use. Moreover, they have a universal application. The key object here is the security seal tape that keeps the tamper-proof bags intact and safe.

These bags are designed in a way that you can detect if there has been an attempt to open the bags since these come with heat seal detection, freezing attempt detection, saliva, and water detection. In addition, these are also recyclable, posing less threat to the environment. These all make tamper-evident bags stand out from other security methods.

Tamper evident bags are secure and used for a plethora of services. Here, we have carefully curated this blog providing the applications and uses of these tamper-evident security bags.

Uses and Applications

1. Bank Deposit Cash Bag

security cash bag

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The old lock and key method used by banks to secure cash and other valuables under vaults are now an obsolete one. It never guaranteed complete security. Nowadays, bank deposit bags with the tamper-proof seal are a more reliable option. These bags ensure that no one has opened your cash or valuables without your permission.

It’s easy to tamper your belongings if you keep them simply in a bank locker but with tamper-proof bags, this is not the case because these bags can be opened only once. If someone tries to open them, it is easily detectable because most bags come with a void sign in the seal. These bags are not resealable and even an attempt has been made to do so, it will be noticed easily. Also, no one wants the trouble of being caught hence, security at the utmost is guaranteed.

Regular cash flow between people and companies is risky but tamper-evident bags make it possible to safeguard the valuables inside the bag. These can even be customized to have thinner walls without compromising on strength. These are even lighter in weight and easy to store.

2. Pharmaceutical Medication Bag

Tamper Evident Pharmaceutical Bag

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The use of tamper-evident security bags in the pharmaceutical industry has risen due to reasons like safe and secure transportation of drugs and other products from one place to another. These bags ensure that the right medicines are transported in the same quantity and quality from the origin point to the destination.

Tamper-sealed clear bags allow one to know the details of the medicines and other products without tempering the seal off. They are lightly weighted which reduces the shipping charges. These bags are much affordable with superior quality.

In the pharmaceutical field, several incidences of illegal supply of prescribed and addictive drugs have come forward. This problem can be easily dealt with with the use of tampered bags. These bags are easy to use with labels over them to ensure that the drugs which could only be sold with a prescription do not land anywhere. Now, these addictive drugs are usually sealed and anyone can easily detect if the seal is a bit tempered or someone has tried to open the bag.

3. Police Evidence Bag

Evidence Bag

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Tamper evident bags are used mainly to store shreds of evidence in the law and jurisdiction sphere. These bags are used by police as evidence bags to keep the evidence collected from ground zero or any other criminal site in intact form. Temper seal bags ensure that the evidence is not opened and intervened by anyone. These are resealable which makes it easier for police to detect if someone has tried to meddle with the evidence thus, providing high levels of security.

Generally, these bags are sealed by security tape which works as an adhesive seal and makes the bag tamper-proof. These tapes are available in various sizes, and customized prints. You get the option of full transfer security tape, no transfer security tape, or partial transfer security tape. Various legal institutions use customized tapes too.

Using a tamper-evident seal along with labels helps police and other legal authorities to keep the valuable information intact along with the evidence provided so that the task becomes sorted. Seals are even used for keeping important documents and files secure since in the police department most of the information is confidential and requires to be handled with care and safety.

  1. Documents
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Earlier, confidential documents and papers were transferred from one place to another in paper bags and other obsolete modes which did not assure guaranteed protection from unauthorized agencies. In today’s time, tamper-proof bags have solved this problem since the bags are tempered and are easily detectable if someone has tried even a bit to open the bag. This way confidential information can be passed from one place to another with utmost reliability and safety.

Tamper-proof bags come with a writable layer so that documents could be signed without changing even a single thing over them. These even come with a bar code and unique serial number so that you can even track them. Thus, you can easily send cash receipts, important documents, and other papers without worrying even a bit.

These bags are used for legal purposes, banking sector, financial institutions, police departments, and other institutions to secure and transport documents in the safest mode possible.

  1. Security Packing for Logistic
Tamper Evident logistic Bags

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Logistics simply means the transportation of goods to customers. Ensuring security packaging for logistics is important to provide quality services to customers. The use of tamper-evident security bag tape builds the customer’s confidence in the product delivered. It gives proof that the item is supplied in its original form without any adulteration or intervention by unauthorized authorities.

Security packaging using tamper-evident seals, labels, and tapes make sure that the quality products are transported. In many cases, it is written over the seals “Don’t buy if found tempered”. This gives assurance to the customers.

Tamper evident packaging is also safe and cost-effective along with being reliable and durable.

  1. Casino Money Bag
money bag

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In the field of gambling and other activities, handling and transporting cash, chips, dice, and cards become a daunting task at times. To deal with these, casinos have started using tamper-evident seal cash bags for safe and secure delivery of gaming essentials from one place to another.

They can be customized in any size and come along with a label where all the important information is provided. Temper seal closure provides an assurance and these bags are also used to transport paper assets too.


The use of the tamper-evident seal for security purposes has simplified the work in many areas. They have increased the reliability and safety of the products and documents transported from one area to another. The best part is that these bags cannot be resealed and thus, ensures complete protection and satisfaction. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes serving various purposes.

One of the best companies faring in the domain of providing quality tamper-evident solutions is Shosky. It is synonymous with high-quality tamper-evident bags, security labels, security seals, and ultra-destructible seals. They are even specialized in providing customized tamper-evident solutions to meet the customer’s demands in the best possible manner. Check them out for exciting services at an affordable cost.

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