Personalized Blue Water Tampering Void Label

This is customized glossy blue water indicate & void high residue label, based on the regular void label, it adds the water tampering feature and bring the anti-counterfeiting grade to a new level.

When the label surface comes into contact with water, hidden text appears; but, once the label face dries, the hidden text vanishes. Reversible several times.

Meanwhile, when someone tries to open blue security labels, it reveals the imprint custom message and it can’t be stuck again. This will clearly show proof of tampering.

We also provides free design for our clients, just give us an idea or simply provide a logo or draft image, our professional design team will make it into true.

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  • Customized hidden message “Maple”
  • Water tampering
  • Reversible water indicating label
  • Visible proof of originality
  • Water indicating function increasing manipulation protection
  • Color can be customized as well
  • Free design service, no additional charge


  1. Metal surface
  2. Flat plastics surface
  3. Painted surface
  4. Acrylic Products
  5. Glass containers
Water Sensitive Void Label


Face stock PET film
Film thickness 25 microns
Color Blue
Finish Glossy
Adhesive Acrylic
Liner Glassine paper
Security message Custom Maple
More security feature Reversible water indicating function
Label Size 20mm*56mm
Jumbo Roll Material Size 530mm*500m
Temperature rage 0°C ~ +110°C
Printing With special top coating and is suitable for most of printing methods such as: thermal transfer, screen, silk, rotary printing, flexographic offset, digital printing etc.
Lead Time 7-10 days
Shelf Life 1 year under normal condition, avoid direct sunlight and high humidity

Product Structure

Tamper Evident Material Structure

Low/High Residue

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Section about Packaging

Shosky security void label materials are wrapped with foam package to protect the export cargo not be damaged.

tamper evident security labels pcakage

Section about Packaging

Foam package processing into customized shape is used to wrap the material roll to prevent damage to cargo.

tamper resistant material roll pcaking

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