Level 1 Standard Tamper Evident Bag Sealing Tape

This security bag sealing tape is our ordinary and standard security tape for securing valuable items packed in bags.

When the bag is tampered with, the tamper-evident seal will leave a clear partial adhesive residue message on the bag. After removing the tape, you can cover the bag again, but the void message that remains is irreversible and clearly show visual deterrent of pilfering.

This tamper-evident seal can be used on a full range of bags such as airport duty-free bags, deposit bags, evidence bags, police bags, courier bags, and more.

This security bag tape is available in different widths and a maximum length of 1.000 meters for converters. Jumbo rolls and slitting rolls are available. Any other color or adding additional security features also can be personalized.

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Security Feature:


Face stock Polyester Film
Film thickness 25 microns
Color Red & Blue or Custom
Finish Glossy
Adhesive Hot melt glue
Liner 25# PET release film
Liner color Clear/White/Red/Custom
Security message Standard VOID/ VOID OPEN/ STOP
Roll Width 30mm /35mm/ 40mm/ 45mm
Roll Length 1000m
Standard Core Size 3 inch
Security Feature Void Message
Grade Level 1
MOQ 600 square meters for standard design
Lead Time 7- 10 days
Shelf Life 1 year under normal condition: temperature: 5℃ to 37℃; Humidity:20% to 60%, avoid direct sunlight
Notes The tape performance would be better after 1 hour of application on the bag.

Product Structure

Level 1 security bag tape Structure

Low/High Residue

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Section about Packaging

The security bag sealing tape roll two sides are fixed by cardboard and staples through the core, customers don't need to remove the cardboard when they use them on the machine.

custom security bag sealing tape Package 1 1

Section about Packaging

Cardboard with solid wood pallets are adapted to transfer the tamper proof bag tape to different countries, our standard size of each pallet for packing security bag tape is 0.9*0.9*1.3m.

bag sealing tape packing

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