Dual Color Total Transfer Tamper Seal

It is 25 microns glossy Red + yellow tamper seal. For this tamper-evident indicative Label, if the sticker is removed, the security message is clearly visible on both sealed surface and the label itself, as well as various colors on both sides, providing visual evidence of tampering.

It is a one time use material and can’t be re-used once removal.

Dual-color total-transfer labels vary from normal total-transfer labels in that a secondary color is applied to the void layer that remains on the surface. This extra color is usually vivid and eye-catching to draw attention.

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  • Dual Color appear
  • Void totally transferred to surface
  • Eye-catching evidence of tampering
  • Conforms to uneven surfaces
  • Dual Color custom is available
  • Available as a stock label material
  • An excellent visual tampering evidence


  1. Food package
  2. Medical packaging
  3. Glass box
  4. Packing Cartons
  5. Document bag
void security labels 1


Face stock PET film
Film thickness 25 microns
Color Red
Finish Glossy
Adhesive Acrylic
Liner Glassine paper
Security message Standard void open
Security feature Dual color after removal
Label Size 30mm*100mm
Jumbo Roll Material Size 530mm*500m
Temperature rage 0°C ~ +110°C
Printing With special top coating and is suitable for most of printing methods such as: thermal transfer, screen, silk, rotary printing, flexographic offset, digital printing etc.
Lead Time  Around 5 days
Shelf Life 1 year under normal condition, avoid direct sunlight and high humidity

Product Structure

Tamper Evident Material Structure

Low/High Residue

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Section about Packaging

The void material roll is packed by custom foam board, which size match material roll and then packed by carton outside so that the material won’t be damaged no matter how far it is transported.

tamper proof jumbo roll material packing by carton 2

Section about Packaging

Pallet transportation can make sure the commodities are not easy to scatter. After the label materials are placed in the carton, two cartons are fixed by each cardboard which can help to do unified transportation.

tamper eivdent label packing by pallet 1

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