Custom Total Transfer Blue Void Tape

It is 50 microns total transfer tamper-evident sealing tape. The tapes will leave a permanent residue on the surface layer of cargo crates, pallets and cartons upon removal and there is no possibility to re-use once lifted from the surface.

SHOSKY SECURITY’s Tamper Evident Tape can be completely personalized to meet your specific needs. Custom color, void message, and surface printing are all possible.

  • Tape surface graphic is customized
  • Film thickness option is available
  • Clear printed adhesive message can be personalized
  • When tape lifted, leave custom permanent residue on both sides
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Face stock PET Film
Film thickness 50 microns
Color Glossy Blue
Adhesive Acrylic
Liner Self Wound (no liner)
Security message Custom hidden message
Roll Size 55mm*60m
Standard Core Size 3 inch
Temperature rage 0°C ~ +110°C
Surface Printing With custom white image printing
MOQ 200 Rolls
Lead Time 5-10days
Shelf Life 1 year under normal condition, avoid direct sunlight and high humidity

Product Structure

Security Tape Structure

Low/High Residue

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Section for Production

Custom Total Transfer Blue Void Tape Hidden MessageProtection Layer

Process 1

Standard or custom security message is printed on the original clear polyester through the hidden graphics plate. Meanwhile, add the extra protection layer under the security message film.

Custom Total Transfer Blue Void Tape Color Printing

Process 2

Color and customized surface text is printed on the security film, then we use our proprietary tamper evident technology to make the hidden message layer into a full transfer layer.

Custom Total Transfer Blue Void Tape Adhesive Backing

Process 3

Coating machine compound void film, glue, and backing paper into one jumbo roll.

Furthermore, add a layer of silicon coating on the face surface.

Custom Total Transfer Blue Void Tape Slitting

Process 4

Removing the backing liner and then slitting the jumbo roll into specific small rolls.

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